Sanjha Punjab Tee

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Sanjha Punjab Tee Artwork by @simrannkaurrr

"For the longest time, I struggled with balancing the coexistence of Sikhi and Punjabi culture within me. This often came with going back and forth, manifesting and suppressing, the ways Punjabi sabhichaar played into my life but ended in me embracing myself, as is. This piece came together as two parts of me learned to live in harmony. Punjab being represented in its true shape, the Sikh state, with our Gurus’ histories, land, rivers, and hope; combined with the colors, richness, and love that Punjabi culture has to offer all within the traditional art of phulkari. Shortly after I drew this design, I decided to always keep it with me. For me, this became a small way I was able to keep Punjab with me, and I hope this can do the same for you."

The Sanjha Punjab Tee brings East and West Punjab together with the art of Phulkari.

Content and Care:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash


Size and Fit

  • Male Model is 5'7'' and wearing Large
  • Female Model is 5'9'' and wearing X-Small
  • Unisex Sizing
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